Our photography approach is simple.

We want to get to know you, so that we can bring your heart, beliefs, and aspirations into each photo that we take.

We don't just want to take great photos, we want to tell a story. Your story!

Painted Rocks & Mentoring Relationships

Joshua and Arica Klassen Manifesto Photography - Windsor Wedding Photographers

Some of us just don’t fit it in normal jobs. If not given free reign to chase things as far as our hearts desire, we lose interest. We are driven to be creative, and to make things out of nothing. We ask the question “How far?” instead of asking “Is it possible?” We live for the chase. We are full of passion. And, we just happen to love photography as well. Our names are Arica and Joshua Klassen, and we are entrepreneurs, business owners, photographers, and mentors. These are our stories:

Arica’s Story:

“There is a VHS tape of a one-year-old me, sitting on the kitchen floor with a paper and marker, screaming in pure delight at each stroke of colour I made on a paper. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved creating.

I distinctly remember at the age of 6, going out into our yard to look for rocks, bringing them inside, and painting them. I didn’t stop there. I then took those rocks door to door in my neighbourhood, and sold them to people. This was the first time I made money selling something I had created, and I loved it!

After high school, I began working toward a degree and after a few years, I realized that I didn’t fit in with the other people in my program. I didn’t want to work for someone else. After working a few horrible ‘real jobs’, a lightbulb went off. I decided to use my natural born creativity to make a business and lifestyle that I desired.”

Joshua’s Story:

“I have loved photography ever since my Dad let twelve-year-old me borrow his circa 1970’s film SLR on a trip to Florida. From then on, I was hooked. The ability to immortalize a moment in time has always excited me. On top of photography, I’ve always had a huge passion for business. In highschool my best friend and I used to dream about what life would be like when we were managing our businesses from a laptop on a tropical beach. My head might have been in the clouds a bit.

After high school, I went to university and studied computer science and mathematics and took all my electives in business management and economics. I then proceeded to work in IT and different areas of business management for 8 years. I still chased photography but didn’t try to make a life out of it until I met this crazy beautiful and talented woman who was already making a living with Manifesto. Naturally, I married that girl, and jumped on board with Manifesto.”

It has now been 10 years since Manifesto Photography began. The first three of those years with Arica leading, and the last seven as a husband and wife team. We love what we do. We love the freedom, the challenges, and simply the joys of living a creative lifestyle. We also love to teach.

Our passion is to mentor others into being successful entrepreneurs driven by creativity. We want to give you the tools to build a solid foundation and grow your business in a way that is both sustainable and profitable.


We are offering three different types of mentoring for photographers and other creative small businesses. All of our mentoring includes: helping you refine your personal vision and style, giving you business, branding, and marketing strategies, advise you on blogging, printing, ordering or editing your images, life coaching from personal experiences, answering your technical questions about gear, websites and the like, and teaching you how to create a profitable pricing structure.

Half-Year Mentoring Relationship

  • Initial 3-hour session (in person or on the phone) to go over your business and creative skill set as a whole.
  • Five 2-hour monthly mentoring sessions to continue to grow your business approximately every four weeks.
  • Photographic assignments that are custom designed to fit your goals.
  • Critique of your images


Year-Long Mentoring Relationship

  • Initial 3-hour session (in person or on the phone) to go over your business and creative skill set as a whole.
  • Eleven 2-hour monthly mentoring sessions to continue to grow your business approximately every four weeks.
  • Photographic assignments that are custom designed to fit your goals.
  • Critique of your images


Hourly Supplemental Mentoring – $150 an hour

If you’d like to start a mentoring relationship with us, please use the contact section of our site, or email info@manifestophotography.com



3 Photography

3Photography based in Toronto, Ontario

“When I first started mentoring with Manifesto I was incredibly nervous, shy, and not very confident in myself. I now co-own a wedding photography business with my sister, shooting an average of 15-20 weddings a year. (What!? Pinching myself)

 I will always accredit part of 3Photography‘s success to Manifesto’s incredible support during our mentorship. I soaked up so much good stuff (positivity, confidence, and an understanding that it is ALWAYS a process – you’re always learning and improving) and so much learning (editing, composition, technical fun stuff, posing subjects).

While I still have learning to do, with plenty of room to improve, I can now walk into a client meeting, show up for a wedding, and sit down to edit 2000+ photos like no body’s business. Boom.”

Symchyshyn Photographic

Symchyshyn Photographic based in Windsor, Ontario

“My journey in photography has had a few twists and turns. I started out by going to school for photography and was in the industry for a decade before deciding to change careers completely. I went back to school as an adult student, excelled in school and started a new career. For many years things were great. I worked in an exciting job, met and helped many great people, and was paid well. Though as a creative person, it’s difficult to balance your true passion with family a demanding job and friends. It wasn’t good enough to do what I was best at on weekends, after hours, or sometimes not at all. I resigned from my career and set out to go back to my original calling. 

Through rather serendipitous circumstances, I saw a post by Manifesto Photography about their mentoring services and I contacted them to see if I would be a good fit. Having seen mentoring work first hand in my previous career, I didn’t need convincing to know if it would be effective. I needed and wanted to be part of a mentoring program in my photography life. My story, my style, my interests are not typical, but Manifesto Photography worked to tailor a specific program for me. I didn’t need the nuts and bolts of photography… I needed all the other things that they don’t teach you when you try to change a passion into a career. Half way through, I am much further along than had I chosen to go it alone. Having a mentor to keep you accountable, to motivate and provide direction and opinion is invaluable. The smartest decision in starting this new chapter of my life was taking that first step to get involved in their mentorship program.”

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