Gbadamosi Family | University of Windsor Centre for Engineering | Windsor, Ontario Family Photographers

The party starts when the Gbadamosi family arrives. When they came into our studio for their consultation prior to their session, it was all laughs, jokes and story telling. We accomplished what they came to accomplish – plan out their session and pick out their keepsakes, but by the time they left we felt like we had not only made friends (I say that about all my clients, but honestly, we do), we had learned so much about their story, and our sides hurt from laughing.

Their session matched the enthusiasm of their consultation. Within the first 15 minutes, I was bent over aching from laughing so much (I literally had to stop photographing), and I remember quite clearly realizing in that moment how. much. I love my job! I am incredibly lucky to be able to spend time with clients like this family. They’re just good people! They love, cherish, respect, and embrace each other for who they are. When you’re around them, you’re welcomed into that warmth and friendship.

The Gbadamosi’s love with zeal. Shy isn’t in their vocabulary and they are as close as one could hope for their families. The girls modelled with expertise and ease, and the men’s posing skills were just as strong. Mom and dad couldn’t keep a straight face as they took their portraits together, and I admired their ability to have so much fun with one another after so many years of marriage. The images with the entire family were just as full of energy and happiness, just as they had hoped for.

This session was a perfect way to end their season of everyone under the same roof, as each member was soon going their own way. Gbadamosi’s, I think it’s safe to say we had a blast with you and loved getting to meet each one of you. Can’t wait until next time!

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything. – Michael. J Fox.

Windsor-Ontario-Family-Photographer-Manifesto-Photography_0065 copy

“We were incredibly excited to work with Manifesto Photography as we’d heard great things about them and perused their work. We had a meet and greet with Kristle to discuss our concept and such, and we were immediately put at ease with her demeanour and humour. It was a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We laughed so much that day.
We were aiming for a modern concept and decided on shooting at the CEI. It was our best professional shoot thus far!! Kristle was so creative in directing the shoot and as usual, when the fam gets together, lots of laughs!! Before we knew it, we were done. When it came time to select our photos, we were BLOWN AWAY at the quality of photos. Kristle did such an AMAZING job and definitely exceeded our expectations!! And of course, it was so hard deciding which ones to take home!!
It really was such a great time working with the team at Manifesto and we were so impressed with them. We highly recommend Manifesto Photography if you’re looking for professional, talented, personable, creative, and genuine photographers.
As it’s been said, photographs tell a story of our moments together and become memories we cherish. Memories are the timeless treasures of the heart. Thus, thank you so much, Manifesto Photography, for capturing these timeless treasures and telling our story. We will cherish them for many years to come!!” – Sincerely, The Gbadamosis’


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The Neal Family | Downtown Windsor Maternity Session | In-Home Newborn Session| Windsor, Ontario Maternity & Newborn Photographers

As a newborn photographer, I often get to connect with expectant moms and moms who have just given birth. I hear their plans, their worries, and their excitement before their child arrives. After, I hear their birth stories and watch them love on their babies, tentatively handling them, working as a team with their partner, learning as they go. And every time, whether it’s their first child or their fifth, I am struck by the mother’s resilience and strength, the care that dad’s give towards their wives and new child, and the miracle that is the tiny fresh babies with their miniature features that give off hints of mom’s eyes and dad’s nose. That new baby smell and warm cuddles I sneak in are pretty great too. ;)

Marina & Brandon’s maternity session took place downtown Windsor, outside of the University of Windsor Social Work building, which boasts grand architecture, a view of the Detroit skyline and an alleyway full of character just around the corner. It was so cold I could barely feel my fingers, but Marina & Brandon didn’t complain a bit as we captured their growing baby bump. Marina modelled like a pro, and Brandon tucked Marina’s hair out of her face as they cuddled up together and he glanced lovingly at his wife (um, hello, every. girls. dream). We walked from location to location, taking full advantage of the variety that downtown Windsor has to offer.

After the maternity session, it’s always a waiting game. While the moms to be are maybe just a LITTLE more excited about baby’s arrival than we are, when we receive the news that baby has been born, there’s often an excited ‘YES!’ and a ‘How are they doing?’ and ‘What’s their name?!’ around buzzing around the office here. With a couple meetings and a maternity session under our belts, clients are often more like friends at this point and we get mega excited when our friends have babies!

I get the privilege of being the first of the crew to meet the little ones, and I was just over the moon when the day came for Beckham’s newborn session! When I arrived, Brandon met me at the door as Marina finished nursing Beckham. Nursery’s are my favourite – they are often so fresh and new, and the themes are endless. Beckham’s nursery was decked out with a blue and grey mountain scape (Brandon even hid a tiny 3D printed hiker on those mountains), wildlife theme, and antique airplanes his dad had travelled hours for. Light lit up the room from a large window on the opposite side of the room and Beckham sat snuggled in mom’s arms. After I caught up on their birth story and marvelled at mom for carrying a nearly 11 pound baby, I placed him in his crib where he snoozed away as I began documenting the new family of three.

Marina & Brandon, Beckham is so precious. Thank you for inviting us in to document this life changing transition. You are already amazing parents, and we can’t wait to watch Beckham grow over the months and years ahead.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”

Windsor-Ontario-Maternity-Newborn-Photographer-Manifesto-Photography055 copy


“Working with the team at Manifesto has been an incredible experience. I first stumbled upon their work through some friends social media posts and was really impressed with their work. I knew instantly that I wanted to work with Manifesto for our maternity and newborn photo shoots. During our consultation meeting, we felt comfortable and gained confidence that we would be very happy with the results of our photo sessions. Kristle did an amazing job with both the maternity photo shoot and newborn photo shoot. She recommended locations and captured really great details in the photos. The maternity photo shoot experience made us even more excited for the arrival of our baby boy. The newborn photo shoot experience made us fall in love with baby Beckham even more. We want to thank Manifesto for capturing this special moment in our lives and for helping us share it with our family and friends in such a beautiful way. We highly recommend Manifesto and we look forward to working with them again in the future.” – Neal Family


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Kasia & Anthony | St. Angela Merici Church, Lowe-Martin Mansion & St. Clair College Centre for the Arts | Windsor, Ontario Wedding Photographers

They say you find love when you stop looking. Neither Kasia or Anthony were looking when they first met, although their family had different plans in mind. Anthony’s great-aunt happened to be friends with Kasia’s parents, and they were scheming to set the two up, despite Kasia and Anthony’s protests. Knowing they’d be perfect together, they introduced the pair at a mutual friend’s wedding. They hit it off instantly. Anthony wasted no time in calling Kasia for a first date – a casual coffee sipped while sitting by the river – and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

If there’s one word to describe Anthony it’s charismatic. He’s entertaining, boisterous (in the best way), and so nice. If you’ve had a chance to meet him, you’re one of the lucky ones. He’s head over heels in love with Kasia, who is one of the most loving and down to earth people you’ll meet (facts we can personally attest to!). They love coffee and car rides, shopping and cooking, and traveling near and far. One of their favourite places to visit is New York City, where we explored Soho & Central Park for their engagement session.

Their wedding day was a mix of modern elegance and old-world charm, and completely full of joy. Kasia started the day getting ready at her parents’ home, surrounded by her closest girlfriends and handsome pup, Enzo. Enzo was dressed to the nines with a fancy little bow-tie and attentively watched his mom step into the gown she’d marry the man of her dreams in. Anthony spent the morning joking around with his groomsmen, family, and friends something you’ll find him doing often. In true Italian form, they celebrate with more food than anyone could eat and a shot or two in celebration of the day to come. Both Kasia and Anthony were looking flawless! Kasia in her Berta Bridal gown, and Anthony in his custom suit by Gian-Paolo Mazzotta.

St. Angela Merici Church was filled to the brim with their loved ones as Anthony stood at the front waiting for his bride, all smiles, and nervous with anticipation. Kasia waited in a separate room, her dad by her side, who was beaming with pride. When it was time to go, Kasia peaked around the corner and made her entrance into the church as everyone stood to welcome her down the aisle. They reached the front, where he confidently placed Kasia’s hands in Anthony’s and sent them off to become husband and wife. Their vows were heartfelt, their eyes barely left each other’s as they repeated their promises to one another. When the vows had been said, communion had been taken, and the papers were signed, Anthony gave a fist pumped and kissed Kasia – they were finally husband and wife! They made their way back down the aisle, practically bursting with joy.

Soon after we headed to the Lowe-Martin Mansion for family photos and their first portraits together as husband and wife. Seriously, they were on fiiiire! As much as the two of them know how to let loose and have fun, they are absolute supermodels when it comes to being photographed, not to mention the connection between them is unmatched. The wedding party looked pretty damn good too.

Their reception at St. Clair College of the Arts was a dream! Florals decorated the tables and candles flickered everywhere you looked. Their entrance matched the enthusiasm of the rest of the day, Anthony proud to show off his new wife as they danced their way into their reception where they spent the evening with their guests, listening to speeches, enjoying their first dance, and tearing up the dance floor.

Kasia & Anthony, thank you for choosing us to photograph this time in your life. You’ve become more like friends than clients, and we’ve had an absolute blast getting to know you. We wish you the very best as you continue on this beautiful journey of life together!

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” Ed Sheeran

Windsor-Ontario-Wedding-Photographer-Manifesto-Photography-Lowe-Martin-Mansion-St-Clair-Centre-for-the-Arts_0081 copy


“We are so incredibly grateful that we had Manifesto Photography capture one of the most important days of our lives. Arica and Josh are much more than just photographers. They offered support and guidance throughout the entire wedding process and became more like good friends than just our photographers. We thoroughly enjoyed stopping by the studio to discuss wedding details over a cup of coffee and many laughs. Arica and Josh’s fun and energetic personalities always made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. All of our most important wedding moments were captured for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives. We look forward to working with Manifesto Photography again!” – Kasia & Anthony (more…)

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Ngan Family | Downtown Windsor Family Session | Windsor Family Photographer

The Ngan family stepped out of their car onto Maiden Lane’s bricked sidewalk, unloading their 10-month-old son, Miles. He was bundled up in the cutest cardigan and button down shirt. As is true with most little guys, he stuck close to mom and dad as we walked around the corner to our destination. The monochromatic white and black exterior of the building was a refreshing departure from the typical park atmosphere we see often during fall portrait season. With the crisp air and red and brown leaves blowing along the ground, there were still hints that we were shooting in late November.

It was nearing sunset, and the light was soft and golden as I got down on the ground to introduce myself to Miles before beginning their session. Diana & Perry have long belonged to the Manifesto family, since the days of their Belle Isle Engagement Session and Ambassador Golf Club Wedding, but this was their first session since they had welcomed their son into their family.

We took advantage of the simple and clean architecture in downtown Windsor and used it as a backdrop as I set them up for their photos. Diana & Perry loved on their little one, and I quickly figured out that Mile’s squeaky giraffe, funny noises, and tickles from mom and dad were his sweet spots. It wasn’t long before I was making a total fool of myself in the middle of our downtown core to get the best laughs.

We ended the night with a few more shots, as Diana and Perry cuddled up with Miles cracking up on their shoulders (mom & dad kissing was apparently his favourite thing ;) ).

Diana & Perry, thank you for continuing to allow Manifesto to document your family’s milestones. We loved meeting your little guy and can’t wait for future sessions to come! You’re the sweetest little family.

Windsor-Ontario-Family-Photographer-Manifesto-Photography_0003 copy


“We were so ecstatic to work with the team at Manifesto again to help capture some family photos.  Admittedly, we were a bit nervous prior to the photo shoot as we weren’t sure how our active 10-month-old would handle the session but those concerns were put to rest in the first few moments after meeting with Kristle.  Kristle is very friendly and down-to-earth which made our photo session feel like an afternoon outing with a friend but more importantly, she was great with our son.  She kept him engaged throughout the photo session and was very patient when he became distracted with the sights and sounds of downtown Windsor!  We were so impressed with the quality of photos –  Kristle did a great job and they definitely exceeded our expectations.  The hardest part was choosing which ones to put up in our home!  We cannot say enough positive things about working with the team at Manifesto – we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for talented, professional and personable photographers.  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for capturing these memories for us.  We will cherish these photos for many years to come and look forward to working with you guys again.”


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The Sabageh Family | Malden Park | Windsor, Ontario Maternity & Newborn Photographers

It was December, and Theresia had her heart set on a snowy maternity session in the forest. When the day of their session arrived it just so happened to be the warmest December day possible. We had to trek through the mud to get to our locations, but let me tell you – it. was. worth. it. Not only are these two freakin’ models, but they’re so clearly in love which was apparent through their interactions with each other and the finished images. Oh, and the gorgeous sunset they had that day didn’t hurt either! It created a warm glow as they snuggled up, loved on each other and on Theresia’s growing baby bump.

Theresia & Ogie are the kind of people that you make instant friends with when you meet them. They came into our studio a few months ago to dream up their maternity and newborn sessions with us and we felt instantly connected with their kind nature and hilarious personalities. This connection carried over throughout our team’s entire experience with them. It’s our favourite when clients become friends and that is absolutely the case with these two.

Once their little girl arrived, they greeted me at the door as I arrived to photograph the newest addition to their family. Ariella snoozed away in her swing – the tiniest, sweetest little girl I’ve met in a long time. She is a miniature replica of her mom – with dainty features, the longest lashes, a button nose and beautiful curls. She barely made a peep as I photographed her nursery, her tiny frame in the big crib she had yet to sleep in, and snuggles with mom and dad.

Theresia & Ogie, thank you for trusting us to capture your growing family. These milestones are big ones, and we are honoured that you chose us. We’ve loved meeting you both (your hilarious emails are the highlights of our days ;) ) and can’t wait for future family sessions! Please stop by the studio with that beautiful darling girl soon.

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart” – Winnie the Pooh

Windsor Ontario Family Newborn Maternity Photography

“The experience my husband and I had with Manifesto Photography was nothing short of incredible. Kristle took our maternity and newborn photos and we were beyond happy with the photos we got back. She made sure that both experiences were amazing and you can see it through the photos she took. My husband and I loved working with her because she made us feel so comfortable, she was hilarious, and so very helpful. She loved on our daughter at her newborn shoot like she was her own and she was at attentive to all of our needs on both photo occasions. We cannot thank her enough. We are so grateful to the whole Manifesto team.”


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Steve & Victoria | Willistead Manor | Low-Martin Mansion | St. Clair College Centre for the Arts | Windsor, Ontario Wedding Photographers

Boy meets girl, girl dates boy’s friend, a love triangle ensues until an elaborate gesture wins her over. Steve & Victoria’s story has all the makings of a classic love story, which only makes sense given their love for novels themselves. They often spend their evenings reading together or browsing through book stores, and chose to include their favourite pastime in their engagement session as well. Two book lovers, Victoria & Steve got their fairytale ending on their wedding day as they married their best friend of 10 years. Photographing them was a joy and a reminder of what real love is – care for one another, patience, knowledge of each other’s quirks and best qualities, inside jokes, happiness and ease.

They spent their morning apart, each getting ready for their big day with their wedding parties at their side. Once suits and dresses were on, earrings in place, ties tied and hair fixed, they headed to their ceremony at Willistead Manor. Steve waited for Victoria at the front of the room, guests were seated as a harp played and their wedding party walked down the aisle, while Victoria waited with her dad just outside. They entered the room and everyone rose as Victoria made her way towards Steve, their eyes locked on each other. I’d attempt to tell you about their vows, but since I’d never be able to do them justice, you can ready them below. Let’s just say they were the best vows ever! ;)

Once the vows were said, a few tears were shed, and the papers were signed, the new Mr. & Mrs. made their way to the Willistead Manor & Low-Martin Mansion for their wedding party photos. In keeping with the theme of the day, the classic architecture, warm tones and dramatic lighting of the mansion made a beautiful backdrop for their first portraits as husband and wife.

For as many perfectly worded vows and tender moments that the day included, Victoria and Steve knew how to have let loose and enjoy the evening with their guests. They entered their reception at the St. Clair centre rocking air guitars, laughed their ways through heartfelt speeches, and ended the night with the most bad-ass cigar shots we’ve taken to date. Seriously, Victoria is a queen *bows*.

Victoria & Steve, your love is genuine and inspiring. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your story. Documenting your wedding was the icing on the cake. We absolutely adore you and your families. Please don’t be strangers! We look forward to seeing your beautiful frames and album printed real soon.

“I love you, because you have done more than any creed could have done to make me good, and more than any fate could have done to make me happy. You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign. You have done it by being yourself. Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all.”  – Roy Croft


“Arica and Josh not only understood our wedding vision, but they elevated it to what can only be known as the ‘Manifesto Standard.’ They were organized, professional, and an absolute pleasure to spend the day with. Arica and Josh have a unique ability to excel at their craft. Their commitment to perfection is an absolute blessing for anyone planning and executing a wedding. We can say with certainty that our experience with Manifesto Photography exceeded all of our expectations, and we feel so fortunate to have met two such incredible people. Our beautiful moments from the day have been captured in such a perfect, timeless way, and we will be forever grateful for their artistry!” – Victoria + Steve (more…)

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Brittany & Adam | The White Room at Water’s Edge Event Centre | Windsor, Ontario Engagement Photographers

Brittany is a gem. She shines brightly in this world and leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. She puts out positive vibes on the daily and her adventurous and happy-go-lucky spirit makes you want to come along for the ride. Adam is the real deal. His calm demeanor and genuine smile make you feel right at home. They’re an active couple that enjoys sports, travel, and time relaxing at home making dinner with a glass of wine. In whatever they do, they’ve found the ultimate teammate in each other.

While dreaming up locations and talking to Brittany and Adam about their engagement session we all agreed on a few key words that we wanted to describe the photos: loving, comfortable, happy, authentic, and faithful. We felt The White Room at Water’s Edge Event Centre would offer a clean, bright, and open space to showcase a more romantic side of the couple while the parking garage in downtown Windsor would show off a more playful side. As you scroll through the photos below you can see just who these two are. They love each other in such a genuine and warm way. They respect each other and they have fun together.

Brittany and Adam, thank you for choosing us to document this chapter on your journey together. We are so happy that you two found each other. Keep loving each other the way that you do and keep enjoying each step of the journey. Can’t wait for your wedding day! xo

“Falling for him wasn’t falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you’re home.” – r.i.d

Windsor Ontario Engagement Photographer Manifesto Photography

“We can honestly say, with confidence that on the most important and memorable day of starting our life together, without question Manifesto Photography would be capturing it. From the moment we got engaged it was one of the first calls we made. We chatted with Josh & Arica at our consultation and it was like hanging out with close friends at a coffee shop (in my opinion, the best vibe!). Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they make you feel at home and at ease with their personable demeanours. Considering we didn’t know anything walking in, we walked out feeling like everything was taken care of. The process has been smooth, communication is on-point (always getting back to us asap!), but above all else.. they really make you feel appreciated as a client. Our engagement session was FUN, they took care of everything and made us laugh while doing it. We absolutely love our engagement album, it’s beautiful and the quality is top-notch. Our wedding day can’t come soon enough, because we know that without a doubt Manifesto Photography is going to capture our day perfectly.” – Brittany & Adam 

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