It was a hot cloudless day for Stefanie and Joe’s outdoor wedding. Friends and Family sat in anticipation under a blazing summer sun as Stefanie walked down the aisle to meet Joe, the love of her life, on one of the biggest and best days of their lives. As Stephanie made her way toward Joe, a smile grew on both their faces, and you knew by the way their faces lit up at the sight of one another that they were always meant to be. 

Stefanie started her day surrounded by her best girls and Bear, her Pomeranian. Stefanie’s bridesmaids wore long, strapless, mauve-hued gowns from Davids Bridal accented with thin rhinestone belts. Stefanie chose an elegant a-line gown with a delicate lace overlay from Bridal Couture and finished off her outfit with flats from Aldo.

Joe, alongside his groomsmen and friends, prepared for the big day over laughs, jokes, and celebratory glasses of scotch. Joe’s groomsmen wore gray suits from RW&CO accented with maroon ties, and Joe donned a sharp black 3-piece suit from Hugo Boss pulled together with a maroon tie like his guys.

Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, Stefanie and Joe stole away from the upcoming commotion for an intimate first look before the ceremony. Tears formed in both their eyes as they saw their best friend in front of them, beautiful inside and out, ready to take the first step into marriage by their side. 

The ceremony was held at the Canadian Club Brand Centre (Hiram Walker’s); Joe and Stefanie said I do surrounded by an admiring group of guests. The excitement of the day continued into the reception at The Windsor Club where speeches were said, great conversation was held, and dancing and celebrations continued well into the night.

Stefanie and Joe, congratulations again on your wonderful marriage! You guys are so perfect for one another and we were so lucky to have the privilege to photograph your wedding and witness your love for each other throughout the day. We wish you both the best and are excited for your bright future together!

“Grow old with me! The best is yet to be; the last of life, for which, the first is made.”- Robert Browning

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Chris and Kristin are the definition of soul mates, two people meant for each other no matter what. They met in high school and quickly formed a great friendship over hand-folded origami notes and Kinder Eggs during Geography class. Life, however, pulled them into different directions after high school ended, and their friendship slowly came to a pause. It wasn’t until the last year of University after running into one another here and there that they rekindled their friendship and truly recognized what had been there between them all along.

During a weekend adventure, Chris decided to ask Kristin to marry him. They always wanted to explore the waterfalls in the Hamilton area but never found time, so one weekend Chris decided to seize the moment and planned a day-long hike to finally see some of the best waterfalls in the GTA. Throughout the day, Chris tried to propose by suggesting the two stop for a rest, top up with some food and a Kinder Egg, but Kristin, unassuming to what was going on, wanted to continue the hike without interruption. It wasn’t until the two were home, recuperating from their adventure, that Kristin grabbed for a Kinder Egg nonchalantly and discovered a little pink bow attached to a sparkly surprise inside. Before she could figure out what was going on, Chris was down on one knee and the best Kinder Surprise ever was on her finger. It wasn’t how the proposal was intended to go, but it couldn’t have suited them more perfectly!

To reflect Chris and Kristin’s love for the outdoors, we met up with them at Point Pelee National Park for a truly autumnal-feeling engagement session. The leaves were that perfect golden yellow only found in paintings, and the sun had the best glow. We took advantage of the hanging canopy near the main road, and shot some cuteness of Chris and Kristin walking hand-in-hand through piles of crunchy leaves. We stopped in a grassy meadow to have a glass or two of Veuve Clicquot and enjoy the warm autumn breeze.

By this time, the sun had started fading so we went to the beach to end the day with an amazing sunset. The adorableness continued with the two of them running up and down the waters edge with sparklers. As the last bit of the day began disappearing into the horizon, Chris and Kristin held each other closely, the excitement of the day still buzzing between them, the waves of the lake sweeping gently onto the sand.

Chris and Kristin, we had so much fun shooting your engagement session! We are so excited for you two as you adventure together into your next steps as husband and wife, and we can’t wait to be with you again on your wedding day!

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”- Unknown

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Sophia and Imran are the kind of people who make the most of their moments together, even if it’s simply walking hand in hand outside. After being long-distance for a good portion of their relationship, they decided it was time to put an end to sad goodbyes and long absences, and got engaged in one of the best location: Paris! In the city of love, under a Parisian sky, Imran asked Sophia to marry him, to forever be the person he knew he’d see as the day began and ended. She enthusiastically said yes and the proposal in Paris is a fond memory they carried in their hearts all the way to the top of the altar. So on a sunny September day, Sophia and Imran made it official and became husband and wife! 

Sophia’s morning began at the Lowe Martin House, the place she and her girls got ready for the wedding. Sophia wore a laced-fitted mermaid gown, a delicate veil flowing behind, and to fulfill the something blue category Sophia completed her look with stunning blue Jimmy Choo’s. Her bridesmaids complimented her deep white gown with their navy silk dresses from J.Crew and all the ladies looked simply beautiful. 

Imran started off his day with his guys getting ready in a custom-designed merino-wool/mohair blended suit by Tom James in Toronto; his groomsmen wore similar black suits. Imran finished off his outfit by slipping into sleek Ferragamos, and once everyone was dressed and ready to go, the group went to meet the girls at Willistead Park.

Before wedding party photos however, Sophia and Imran met near the back of the Lowe Martin House for an exciting and touching first look, the chance for them to be alone and soak in the happiness of their wedding day bliss before the hectic day ahead. From there the two went to Willistead Park and met up with the rest of the wedding party for group portraits.

The ceremony was held at Ambassador Golf Club. With a bright sun shining above and not a cloud in sight, Sophia and Imran said I do through tearful smiles and congratulatory applause. Once the two walked down the aisle the group went indoors for a lively reception complete with dabke dances, delicious treats, and a surprise family dance led by Sophia and her father!

Sophia and Imran, congratulations on your marriage! We wish you both happiness and health in your journey together as married best friends and can’t wait to see what adventures await you both.

“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.” -Leo Tolstoy

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In the Summer of 2012, Dan brought Stephanie to her first baseball game, Tigers vs. Yankees. They sat behind home plate. Midway through the game, the sky opened up and rain showered down onto the field! Now, you could assume that the rain would have dampened their day; but instead, Stephanie and Dan, being the positive, adventurous people that they are, decided to stay in their seats behind home plate, rain falling down, and enjoy the rest of the game. They cheers’d their drinks, laughed and cheered, and watched the Tigers play to victory! For Stephanie and Dan, this isn’t just a fond memory- it’s an example of the kind of people they are. They’re willing to laugh through the tough stuff and make the most of whatever life throws at them. The key is that they do it, together.

We met up with Stephanie and Dan near Leamington, Ontario for their outdoor engagement session. We started off in a shady forest where the two walked hand in hand under the big tree canopy as leaves fell softly around them. From there, as the sun slowly set, we gathered around a backyard fire where Stephanie and Dan cozied together by the flames, roasting marshmallows, laughing and enjoyed being there in that moment together.

Stephanie and Dan, we had a blast shooting your engagement session! We are so excited for you both as you embark together on these next steps of your life. Can’t wait to see you again at your wedding!

“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.” – Vera Nazarian

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You may remember Natasha and Sean from their mountainous engagement shoot in Banff National Park, so full of love and admiration for one another. We were so thrilled to see them again, only this time on their wedding day!

All throughout Natasha and Sean’s wedding day rain sprinkled down, slicking roads and cars, and while some might have looked at the rain as an inconvenience, Natasha and Sean chose to embrace the late summer rain and enjoy their special day! Many cultures regard rain on a wedding day as a special blessing that brings good luck, fortune, and good wishes for the bride and groom, and we couldn’t think of a kinder couple to receive this positive omen!

Natasha began her day getting ready with her bridesmaids, enjoying some down-time before the whirlwind adventure of the day. The girls wore elegant single-shoulder, pink-laced dresses accented with delicate ribbon belts.  Natasha wore a stunning beaded lace gown with a sweeping train from It’s Your Day Bridal Boutique; she paired her dress with bright watercolored Ted Baker heels that added a bit of whimsy to her classic ensemble.

Sean started off his day with his groomsmen, all suited up in navy suits with burgundy ties. Sean donned a dapper, dark-navy suit to match his men designed by Ted Baker, and he finished off his look with a smart burgundy bowtie. Once the guys were ready to go, Sean and his best man gassed up Sean’s old 60’s mustang convertible and drove off to meet the love of his life. 

The ceremony was intimate and beautiful. Lot’s of natural light from outside poured into Mackenzie Hall as the two said I do and celebrated their first steps as husband and wife. From there, we went to Water’s Edge Event Centre to continue Natasha and Sean’s celebrations. Throughout the evening there was laughter, tears, beautiful moments between family and friends, and a killer sunset after the rain had settled down. A perfect way to end a beautiful day!

Natasha and Sean, thank you so much for trusting us with this important part of your day. We wish you both nothing but the best wherever life takes you, and can’t wait to see all the amazing things in store for your new, growing, family!

“When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.” —Albert Einstein

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The thrill of adventure is always better when there’s someone to share it with. For Catherine and James, this couldn’t be truer; It’s exactly what makes them a perfect pair! Their shared love of outdoor activities is one of the many things that brought them together and something they continue to share; Wake boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking- you name it, they enjoy it! Because when you find someone willing to go bungee jumping with you in Quebec, you keep that person close. Or in the case of Catherine and James, you ask them to marry you!

On a mild Autumn day we met up with Catherine and James in beautiful Elora, Ontario for their engagement shoot. Our theme for the session was rustic and bohemian, so we started off our day at the Elora Brewing Company, a restaurant and brewery in an old 1840’s building, for some craft beers in an intimate setting. The restaurant’s exposed ceilings and big windows from top to bottom made the space feel cozy, light, and perfect for Catherine and James to sit close have a pint!

From there we headed down to the infamous Elora Gorge, a beautiful natural area in the Grand River valley. The jagged rocks and trickling water under the David Street Bridge lent a laid-back, natural tone to our shoot, and you could see that being outdoors made Catherine and James feel totally at ease. As the water rushed around their feet downstream and the sun starting setting over the gorge, Catherine and James held onto each other, smiling, laughing. Their glances and embraces made it clear that there wasn’t any other place they would rather have been in that moment than right there, together.

Catherine and James, we were so thrilled to experience Elora with you guys, and loved being with you both throughout the day! We are so excited that you two took these next steps towards being husband and wife, and can’t wait till we see you again on your wedding day!

Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.” -Emily Wing Smith

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Natasha and Brett’s story spans four years, four years of back and forth in a long distance relationship filled with happy arrivals and sad goodbyes. Over time the separation led to deciding to close the gap between them for good, so on a windy summer day in August, Natasha and Brett celebrated their first steps towards being together forever surrounded by loving friends and family at Mastronardi Estate Winery.

The morning started off with Natasha getting ready for the big day ahead surrounded by her bridesmaids in elegant, blush-coloured gowns from Azazie, glasses of Blue Nun close at hand. Natasha got dressed in a stunning gown by Nadia’s Bridal with glittering gold shoes by Steve Madden, and to keep with a beautiful Macedonian tradition, she slipped on the family gold coin necklace for a few photos and a special mother/daughter moment. 

Brett and his groomsmen began their morning getting ready in dark grey suits from Freeds accented by dark grey ties and finished off with Aldo dress shoes. They enjoyed their time together prepping for the day ahead with platters of cured meats and a celebratory shot of Lot 40 whiskey.

From there Brett, Natasha, and the two parties came together for a beautiful first look between the bride and groom followed by a few group photos, their dog Theodore included! The day was warm and windy and Natasha’s veil filled with wind as her and Brett stood together, smiling, hand in hand, on the rocks by the lake, happy in anticipation for the day ahead.

Feelings of admiration and excitement continued into the ceremony and reception as Brett and Natasha said I do surrounded by love and best wishes. The reception began with a traditional Macedonian pig dance symbolizing fortune for the couple, followed by touching speeches and fun, lively, circle dancing throughout the rest of the evening.

Natasha and Brett, we were so thrilled to take part in your wedding day. We wish you nothing but health, happiness, and safe travels in the days and years ahead. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!

“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”- Unknown

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