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Makeup Tips for Your Photo Shoot

1. Apply Your Makeup in Natural Light
Different lighting scenarios can really change how your see your makeup. For example, certain lights can wash you out, causing you to apply make up too heavily. Your best bet is to sit near a window and apply your makeup there.

2. Use Matte Colours
When you are going to be photographed you want to avoid anything that is going to reflect light on your face. Mattes are just that, flat colours. They don’t shimmer or sparkle. If you don’t go matte, a little too much sunlight, or a camera flash can easily make your shimmer look like you’re an oily mess.

3. Avoid Titanium Dioxide
Avoid makeup that contains titanium dioxide (often used as sunscreen). It will reflect the light too much leaving you with a shine or washed out appearance.

4. Don’t Forget Blush
Blush brings life to the face. It makes people look happy and healthy. Skipping blush can wash your face out, especially under a heavy flash. Besides that, blush adds definition to your face. However, be careful, not to over apply blush either. Start off with a light stroke and add more if needed.

5. Blend in Your Under Eye Concealer
We’re all about covering up dark circles for photo sessions. However, you’ve got to be very careful to blend out the concealer extremely well. If your concealer isn’t well blended it can really show up fine lines or could make you have a white ring around your eyes. Not so flattering!

6. Use Black Liner and Black Mascara
If you normally use brown, navy or grey mascara or eyeliner, opt for black. The darker hue will give you better contrast. The contrast will make your eyes pop more. Big full lashes always look awesome in photographs. If you want to go the extra mile, add some false lashes.

7. Don’t Skip the Lipstick
Colour saturation does get lost a bit in each photo taken, it doesn’t matter how good your camera is. Skipping lipstick will cause your mouth to blend in with the rest of your face. It is best to contrast your features and get some colour back on those lips, even if it’s a nude shade.

8. Not Everyone is a Makeup Artist. If  you’re not confident with how to apply makeup, go to a professional who is familiar with these tips.

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  • Robin DunningMarch 12, 2014 - 9:14 PM

    Satin eye shadows are also a great alternative. They give the eye a beautiful dimension without being too much! ReplyCancel