Our photography approach is simple.

We want to get to know you, so that we can bring your heart, beliefs, and aspirations into each photo that we take.

We don't just want to take great photos, we want to tell a story. Your story!

Kyle + Kaitlyn | Windsor Wedding

Kyle is an accountant, Kaitlyn is a Pharmacist, and as you can see from their pictures, they are both adorable! Kyle and Kaitlyn got engaged in Niagara Falls awhile back. Kaitlyn was taking a nap before they headed out for a magic show. While she was snoozing, Kyle stole her high school ring that she always wore. When Kaitlyn asked him to get it for her, she turned around to see him down on one knee with an engagement ring instead.

We had the privileged of doing their engagement photos last winter. It involved warm clothes, hot drinks and cuddling. Sounds romantic, right? Well it was, until Arica accidentally whacked Kaitlyn in the face with her giant 70-200mm lens, giving her a bloody lip (sorry again, Kaitlyn)! Luckily for us, they are lighthearted, forgiving people and they still hired us to do their wedding pictures, and we are so grateful. What a fantastic day!

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