Our photography approach is simple.

We want to get to know you, so that we can bring your heart, beliefs, and aspirations into each photo that we take.

We don't just want to take great photos, we want to tell a story. Your story!

David + Jessica | Book Themed Engagement

David and Jessica met in the summer of 2009 while working in the same lab at the University. During their second semester of school, they had a calculus class together and this is where their friendship started to grow. It began with homework help, blossomed into celebrating birthdays, and soon they were playing frisbee on the school grounds during break periods.

It was April, 2010 when David asked Jessica out on their first “real date.” From then on these two couldn’t get enough of each other and spent almost everyday of their summer together. By June they had proclaimed their love for one another, and by October, David was sure he wanted to marry this beautiful woman. They are an adorable couple, and we could not have had more fun photographing their book themed engagement sessions. We are thrilled to be photographing their wedding this coming August!

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