Our photography approach is simple.

We want to get to know you, so that we can bring your heart, beliefs, and aspirations into each photo that we take.

We don't just want to take great photos, we want to tell a story. Your story!


So, as many of you know, my second love, after Arica of course, is motorcycles. (Photography takes a close third ;)) I’m a petrol head through and through. My basement is full of vintage motorcycles parts, and I can’t think of many things more relaxing than wrenching on the latest barn find. I’m sure Arica prefers me down there turning a wrench to pretending I’m Evil Knievel down some county road anyways!

Once in a while I get to mix my passions for photography and motorcycles. Last weekend was one such night. Twice a year Erie Ramblers Motorcycle Club puts on a flat track race called Thunderfest on the old half mile horse track at the Leamington Fairgrounds. If you’re not familiar with flat track racing, it involves a big oval, a lot of horsepower, and no brakes! Riders slow to get around the corner by laying down their bikes sideways and then powering through… at 100mph I might add. What a show it is! I doubt I stopped smiling the entire night while standing trackside with my camera.

Here’s a few favorites of the hundreds of photos I fired off!

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