Baby Peter | Windsor, Ontario Newborn Photographers

Danny brewed us a cup of his sacred stash of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee while he told us the story of the day Peter was born. He found out he was a dad to a son, and there was a fist pump, man tears and instant plans of the days he’ll teach him to play soccer. While we caught up with Danny, Erica was upstairs, getting their new son ready for his newborn portraits and his induction into the Manifesto family, a family Erica and Danny have belonged to for years.

It’s our favourite when clients return to us for their family portraits. When you’re part of big life events like engagements and weddings, clients become more like friends and family, and it’s always a little sad saying goodbye once the big events are wrapped up. So when Erica and Danny invited us to photograph Erica’s perfect bump and bundle of joy, it was an immediate yes from us!

We’ve gotten to know Erica and Danny over the years and have fallen in love with their ‘when you know, you know, crazy about each other’ story. It’s no different with their son. Danny is a proud dad, already beaming with pride at his son’s every move and Erica is the best mom possible, a complete natural,  and looks effortless and beautiful while doing it. Peter snoozed away, warm and cozy in mom and dad’s arms, as we snapped photos of his little eyelashes, toes and sleepy smiles, and got to know the newest Brajak.

Erica and Danny, congratulations on your new little one. He is perfect! We are so honoured to have captured this next step in your lives. We look forward to capturing your next milestone!

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” – Eda J. Le Shan



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Kristin & Chris | Mastronardi Estate Winery | Windsor, Ontario Wedding Photographers

Sometimes life has a way of showing you what’s meant to be. Kristin & Chris go way back to high school geography, the place they met and became best friends and the place they spent less time learning about geography and more time passing jokes in folded up envelopes and playing with Kinder Egg toys. Despite going their separate ways in University, they would keep running into each other, and after Kristin agreed to a movie with a group of Chris’ friends one evening, their friendship was rekindled. The rest is history as they say.

Kristin is intelligent, independent, and driven, and has the amazing ability to transform any blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Chris is so considerate and good natured and is rarely anything but happy. Together, they’re crazy about each other and have a love that is as easy and natural as their story.

Their wedding day was the epitome of ‘simple but glam’, Kristin’s signature style. The beading on the top of her two-piece wedding gown set off the simplicity of her skirt and glittered every way she turned. The wedding party was dressed in clean ivory gowns and classic blue suits, and the reception decorations at Mastronardi Estate Winery were textured golds and creams accented with greenery hanging from the ceiling and across the tables.

Willistead Manor was a perfect backdrop for their wedding party portraits as Kristin & Chris enjoyed some time to themselves to soak in the reality of their day before they headed off to their ceremony at Mastronardi Estate Winery. It took place under a perfect blue sky as they said their heartfelt vows with their cheering squads on either side of them, gave each other a ‘I can’t believe we’re finally married!’ look and sealed the deal with a kiss before heading off to their reception where they danced the night away.

Kristin & Chris, thank you so much for having us photograph your day. It was a joy to get to know you, hear your story and watch your day play out as you committed yourself to one another.

“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”  –Unknown

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Melanie & Robert | Detroit, Michigan | Windsor, Ontario Engagement Photographers

8° Plato in Detroit is the spot where everyone knows Mel & Rob’s name. Being craft beer fanatics and having spent so much of their relationship in Michigan it made a perfect colourful backdrop for their engagement session. Whether it was just being in a familiar setting or the ease each brings to the other, they were ready to give the camera all the smiles, laughs, and smooches.

Rob & Mel met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Melanie’s thoughtfulness and fun-loving disposition had Robert head over heels in no time. His adventurous side and sense of humour added to his rugged good looks, she was sold. They look damn good together and fit perfectly into each other arms.

Rob and Mel, thanks for choosing us to capture such a special time in your lives. I had a blast exploring Detroit alongside you. The countdown is on! We can’t wait for your wedding this weekend! 

“Love has 4 letters. So does beer.” –  Earl Dibbles Jr.


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Kasia & Anthony | Dumbo | SoHo | New York City, USA | Destination Engagement Photographers | Part 2

Kasia and Anthony led the way around New York, one of their all time favourite cities. They got us in a New York state of mind after spending the first day in Central Park (see part one here). On our second day together they took us to SoHo and Dumbo for part two of their engagement session.

We hit the pavement that day, Kasia in a sleek black dress and Anthony looking like a GQ model with his fitted grey suit. SoHo’s cobblestone streets and upscale shops helped us create photos dripping with sophistication with a bit of a paparazzi flare. Dumbo gave us the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of Manhattan’s financial district, the epitome of New York.

Kasia & Anthony, thank you again for letting Manifesto tag along on one of your awesome adventures. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over the past year. You have become near and dear to our hearts. We are so excited to document your wedding day this Saturday!

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Six Tips to rock your Family Session (and have fun doing it!) | Manifesto Photography | Windsor, Ontario

Every year, I hear parent’s hesitation to book family photos. I get it. I mean, WHO in their right mind wants to dress their kids up, force them to sit still so they can get JUST ONE good family picture, only to end up with forced ‘cheese’ faces and prooobably a meltdown somewhere in there.

We hear you, so we’ve figured out a way to make family portraits fun, stress-free and get the results we’re all hoping for – genuine smiles, a portrait or two for the wall, and memories of this year that passed way too quickly. Yes, even for those of you who think your children are the exception ;)

On our end, there are a few things we do to make your experience the best one possible. It starts with a questionnaire so we can get to know your family and help you plan your session. During the session, you can expect me to make fast friends with your children, racing them (letting them win of course) and singing silly songs to get the best laughs. After your session, you’re invited into our studio to enjoy a coffee, view your images and choose your products.

On your end, for those of you thinking of scheduling a family session, I’ve put together a few tips to help it go as smoothly as possible.

1. Schedule for the best light.

We love to shoot 1-2 hours before sunset or 1-2 hours after sunrise for the absolute best lighting.


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Kasia & Anthony | Central Park | New York City, USA | Destination Engagement Photographers | Part 1

Kasia thought nothing of it when Anthony drove down to the river to relax by the water while they were out on their date. This was a typical outing for them and the very spot they had their first date. As they sat together sipping coffee, they took some time to reminisce about that first date and mull over details about how they met.

Unaware what Anthony was up to as he struck up a casual conversation: “Are you glad I called you back after our first date?” Kasia replied: “Of course!” Anthony followed that up with another question: “Would you be happy if I asked you to marry me?” Kasia didn’t hesitate with the answer… “Yes!”

Kasia is beautiful. Like, inside and out, through and through beautiful. She’s funny, caring, and exudes happiness. Anthony is a riot. He’s charismatic, thoughtful, and can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. Together they are best friends and a perfect pair. They share a love for caffeinated beverages, globe-trotting, and delicious food. Their love is genuine, their interactions playful and caring.

Upon our first meeting with Kasia and Anthony, the dream of doing a destination engagement session was already in the works. We were so excited to have been able to join them in New York City, one of their favourite places on earth.

We spent our first day shooting in Central Park, a pocket of New York that in itself has so many places to explore. We seriously had no idea just how big this place really was (we definitely got our steps in for the day)! Some of the better-known spots used as a backdrop for the shoot included Belvedere Castle, Bow Bridge, and Bethesda Terrace. Each nook and cranny holding a unique beauty.

Having really only spent time with Kasia and Anthony at their consultation and chats by phone before our trip, we hit it off immediately. They were surprisingly relaxed in front of the camera and got into a playful rhythm that kept us all in stitches throughout the day. Stay posted for part two of their session!

Kasia and Anthony, thank you for making this such an outstanding experience from start to finish! It was incredible to travel to The Big Apple with two of the most down to earth and kind people we’ve ever meet. We are so excited to share your wedding day with you (soon)!

“Turn on every light in new york city, I’d still be blind if you weren’t with me.” – Mona Lisa


“Choosing Manifesto to come to New York with us was the best decision we could have made. They captured our love for New York City better than we could have imagined. Manifesto provided a personal and artistic touch unlike any other. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the memories of that weekend. We will be enjoying them for a lifetime to come”. – Kasia & Anthony


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Baby Harper | Windsor, Ontario Newborn Photographers

She has her mom’s slate blue eyes, blonde hair, and the most delicate, feminine features. Her nursery was put together with the greatest care by those who love her most, her shelves already stocked with books for bedtime stories. As we laid her in her crib for some photos, her tiny frame seem even smaller. Her fluffy stuffed bunny off to her side, ready to become her best bud as she grows.

April and Stephane had the glow of new parents, so in love with their baby girl. Harper slept most of the morning away, content to be cuddled up in bed and wrapped in her parents’ arms. She fit perfectly in dad’s hands as I captured her tiny lashes and ten little toes. And as she cuddled with mom, she let out a few sleepy smiles and sighs.

April and Stephane, congratulations on welcoming the most perfect addition into your family! It’s been an honour and joy to document some of your biggest milestones, from engagement, to wedding, your maternity session and now your little girl. I’m looking forward to watching your love grow even more as you embark on the newest part of your journey! May you always remember just how blessed you are to have each other every single day.

“You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.” – E.E. Cummings

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