Steve & Victoria | Willistead Manor | Low-Martin Mansion | St. Clair College Centre for the Arts | Windsor, Ontario Wedding Photographers

Boy meets girl, girl dates boy’s friend, a love triangle ensues until an elaborate gesture wins her over. Steve & Victoria’s story has all the makings of a classic love story, which only makes sense given their love for novels themselves. They often spend their evenings reading together or browsing through book stores, and chose to include their favourite pastime in their engagement session as well. Two book lovers, Victoria & Steve got their fairytale ending on their wedding day as they married their best friend of 10 years. Photographing them was a joy and a reminder of what real love is – care for one another, patience, knowledge of each other’s quirks and best qualities, inside jokes, happiness and ease.

They spent their morning apart, each getting ready for their big day with their wedding parties at their side. Once suits and dresses were on, earrings in place, ties tied and hair fixed, they headed to their ceremony at Willistead Manor. Steve waited for Victoria at the front of the room, guests were seated as a harp played and their wedding party walked down the aisle, while Victoria waited with her dad just outside. They entered the room and everyone rose as Victoria made her way towards Steve, their eyes locked on each other. I’d attempt to tell you about their vows, but since I’d never be able to do them justice, you can ready them below. Let’s just say they were the best vows ever! ;)

Once the vows were said, a few tears were shed, and the papers were signed, the new Mr. & Mrs. made their way to the Willistead Manor & Low-Martin Mansion for their wedding party photos. In keeping with the theme of the day, the classic architecture, warm tones and dramatic lighting of the mansion made a beautiful backdrop for their first portraits as husband and wife.

For as many perfectly worded vows and tender moments that the day included, Victoria and Steve knew how to have let loose and enjoy the evening with their guests. They entered their reception at the St. Clair centre rocking air guitars, laughed their ways through heartfelt speeches, and ended the night with the most bad-ass cigar shots we’ve taken to date. Seriously, Victoria is a queen *bows*.

Victoria & Steve, your love is genuine and inspiring. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your story. Documenting your wedding was the icing on the cake. We absolutely adore you and your families. Please don’t be strangers! We look forward to seeing your beautiful frames and album printed real soon.

“I love you, because you have done more than any creed could have done to make me good, and more than any fate could have done to make me happy. You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign. You have done it by being yourself. Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all.”  – Roy Croft


“Arica and Josh not only understood our wedding vision, but they elevated it to what can only be known as the ‘Manifesto Standard.’ They were organized, professional, and an absolute pleasure to spend the day with. Arica and Josh have a unique ability to excel at their craft. Their commitment to perfection is an absolute blessing for anyone planning and executing a wedding. We can say with certainty that our experience with Manifesto Photography exceeded all of our expectations, and we feel so fortunate to have met two such incredible people. Our beautiful moments from the day have been captured in such a perfect, timeless way, and we will be forever grateful for their artistry!” – Victoria + Steve (more…)

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Brittany & Adam | The White Room at Water’s Edge Event Centre | Windsor, Ontario Engagement Photographers

Brittany is a gem. She shines brightly in this world and leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. She puts out positive vibes on the daily and her adventurous and happy-go-lucky spirit makes you want to come along for the ride. Adam is the real deal. His calm demeanor and genuine smile make you feel right at home. They’re an active couple that enjoys sports, travel, and time relaxing at home making dinner with a glass of wine. In whatever they do, they’ve found the ultimate teammate in each other.

While dreaming up locations and talking to Brittany and Adam about their engagement session we all agreed on a few key words that we wanted to describe the photos: loving, comfortable, happy, authentic, and faithful. We felt The White Room at Water’s Edge Event Centre would offer a clean, bright, and open space to showcase a more romantic side of the couple while the parking garage in downtown Windsor would show off a more playful side. As you scroll through the photos below you can see just who these two are. They love each other in such a genuine and warm way. They respect each other and they have fun together.

Brittany and Adam, thank you for choosing us to document this chapter on your journey together. We are so happy that you two found each other. Keep loving each other the way that you do and keep enjoying each step of the journey. Can’t wait for your wedding day! xo

“Falling for him wasn’t falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you’re home.” – r.i.d

Windsor Ontario Engagement Photographer Manifesto Photography

“We can honestly say, with confidence that on the most important and memorable day of starting our life together, without question Manifesto Photography would be capturing it. From the moment we got engaged it was one of the first calls we made. We chatted with Josh & Arica at our consultation and it was like hanging out with close friends at a coffee shop (in my opinion, the best vibe!). Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they make you feel at home and at ease with their personable demeanours. Considering we didn’t know anything walking in, we walked out feeling like everything was taken care of. The process has been smooth, communication is on-point (always getting back to us asap!), but above all else.. they really make you feel appreciated as a client. Our engagement session was FUN, they took care of everything and made us laugh while doing it. We absolutely love our engagement album, it’s beautiful and the quality is top-notch. Our wedding day can’t come soon enough, because we know that without a doubt Manifesto Photography is going to capture our day perfectly.” – Brittany & Adam 

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The Clark Family | Windsor, Ontario Birth Photographer

At 8:53 am on Saturday, December 23rd, Beth sent me a text. She had started having contractions earlier that morning and it was baby time. I was feeling the excitement and a bit of pressure as it had started heavily snowing earlier, I was traveling from Windsor and she is known for having quick labours (her midwife didn’t even make it for her last birth)!  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it in time, and I drove a little faster than I should have on those snowy roads.

A couple months prior, Beth and I had sat down and talked about her birth plan and her hopes for what I would capture as her birth photographer. She was planning to labour and give birth at home, surrounded by a team of professionals and family. Being a Doula herself and having two prior labours, she knew what to expect and knew what she wanted. Her husband by her side, her oldest son to cut the baby’s cord, and a support team of the best Midwives and Doulas.

I made it to their home and pulled into the driveway where Ben’s dad helped me get my gear through the snow and up the stairs to their home. I still didn’t know if baby had arrived yet, so I slowly opened the door to a busy but quiet room full of people. Thankfully, I had made it! Baby was still warm and cozy inside mom, not yet ready to make his or her entrance into the world. The only thing that could be heard was Beth’s focused breathing as she worked through contractions in the birthing tub with her husband Ben patiently and quietly talking her through them. Her sister sat with Honour and Journey, Beth and Ben’s older children, keeping them occupied with movies and books. Beth’s mom stood nearby, serving food and drinks and watching her daughter work to bring her newest grandchild into the world. Her Midwives, Amanda & Maria of Midwives of Windsor and her Doula Jenn stood watch as well, tracking babies heartbeat, pushing her hips together through contractions and listening to Beth’s cues as she worked through her labour.

The snowflakes that fell outside were the thick kind that float slowly to the ground, and the sunlight that streamed through the patio doors in front of Beth’s birthing tub lit up the room. As Beth’s contractions grew closer together, Honour sat with his dad and stroked his mom’s hair, telling her ‘You’re doing a good job, Mama’ *cue tears from everyone in the room*. When it was time to push, Beth knew and took control, listening to her body as she delivered her new baby into the world. His cord (the longest one I’ve ever seen) was wrapped around his body several times and her midwife Amanda quickly reacted, unwrapping him before he came up and took his first breath in Mom’s arms. There was a look of sweet relief from Beth as she laid back and held her new baby, Ben gave her a kiss on the forehead and Honour stood captivated with his new sibling. Ben made the announcement, as was tradition, that it was a boy, and Honour cut the cord. Valour Clark had arrived after 6.5 hours of labour.

To say Valour’s new siblings were enamored with him would be an understatement. Honour kept close to his mom and new baby brother, touching his tiny little hands and gently stroking his hair, typical of his inquisitive and gentle nature. Journey had napped through most of Valour’s entrance, but when she entered the room, she lit up and crawled into bed with her mom and brother to meet the newest Clark.

Once Maria, Beth’s Midwife, had check Valour over and he was given a clean bill of health, the new family of 5 cuddled up in bed for their first family picture. What. a. moment.

Beth & Ben, inviting someone into your birth space is a tremendous act of trust that we do not take lightly. I am so grateful to have been able to capture Valour’s birth for you. I was incredibly impressed with both of your calm, peaceful and sure natures as you worked as a team to bring your newest child into the world. Congratulations, Clark family!

Beth has her own blog and wrote about her birth experience from her point of view. You can read it here.

 “There’s a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”  – Laura Stavoe


“Manifesto has been a part of our lives for many years! From when we were first engaged through to the birth of our third child. Every connection with their team has been one filled with calm, kindness, laughter and professionalism. Kristle was applauded by many in my birth team as she crept in with respect, captured the events and emotions without intrusion and seamlessly blended in with the others present at our birth. She made sure I was not distracted and did all she could to ensure our birth was photographed as we had dreamed. I am so grateful for Kristle’s presence and completed work! Her images allowed me to remember details that never implanted in my memory and be introduced to events that I did not realize had happened, like my oldest son running to the kitchen to find the new toy his little brother had been gifted or my daughter fast asleep on my own mother’s shoulder. Thank you Kristle and Manifesto for your beautiful souls and gorgeous work. I always know that if I have photography needs this team will be my first call!” – Beth Clark


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Melanie & Rob | Augustus 27, Caesars Windsor | Windsor, Ontario Wedding Photographers

Melanie and Rob are two of the most kind, considerate people, head over heals in love people we’ve had the chance to meet. Not only was their Detroit Engagement Session smoking hot, but their easy going, fun-loving nature, welcoming attitude and love for each other made working with them a breeze.

Their requests for the day were simple: they wanted to be relaxed, enjoy themselves and GET MARRIED. For Rob, that meant starting the day out on the dock fishing at his parent’s place with his groomsmen, an activity he used to do it with his father who had passed away earlier this year. Not only was it a way to start out the morning in a relaxing manner, it was a way to honour and include his dad on his wedding day.

Melanie spent the morning with her girls in the beautiful Caesars hotel, sipping champagne and getting her hair done with her best friends. The room was busy when we arrived, but everyone was relaxed and happy. Her two piece Maggie Sottero gown hung on the window overlooking the Detroit skyline, which she slipped into with the help of her mom and best friends.

They held their ceremony and reception at the new Augustus 27  hall at Caesars Windsor. We walked off the elevator to a hallway lit up with string lights and a canvas of their engagement session blown up on an easel at the end, then walked into the breathtaking hall itself. A million Edison bulbs hung from the exposed ceiling and the riverfront skyline could be seen all around through the floor to ceiling windows, as people mingled at the bar, signed the guestbook and waited for Melanie to walk down the aisle.

Their ceremony was beautiful. Their vows were sincere and they were focused solely on each other, you could tell they meant every. single. word. They signed the papers, sealed the deal with a kiss, and walked straight into the arms of their guests who were waiting with fist pumps and champagne to celebrate with them.

After a few sunset portraits on the balcony (because seriously, when you have the Detroit skyline at sunset, you don’t NEED to go anywhere else), Rob and Melanie spent the evening with their guests relaxing, giving and receiving heartfelt speeches, and having a blast on the dance floor as the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Exactly as they intended.

Melanie & Rob, thank you so much for choosing us to document your wedding day. Your love for each other and desire to have a day true to yourselves and your families was evident and carried out beautifully. It was a honour to be there. Congratulations!

“In a sea of people, my eyes will always be searching for you”.


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Catherine & James | Lakeside Park Pavillion | Kingsville, Ontario Wedding Photographers

I love love stories. And not the cheesy chick flick kind of love stories. I love stories of real people with their own unique interests that find each other, grow together, share the things they love with one another and find new interests together. The people who you see together and hear their stories and think ‘YES. They makes so much sense together. THIS, this is good’. I love the ones who push through obstacles together and build a life together, bringing out the best in one another and who become a team.

Catherine & James have that love. If you ask them what they admire about each other they’ll tell you about the other’s thoughtfulness, their positivity, their ability to make each other laugh and to calm each other down. They’re both people – people and they both love adventure. Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, you name it, they’re into it. We loved being able to capture their engagement photos at Elora Gorge, and we were so honoured to capture their latest adventure – their wedding day.

Catherine spent the morning surrounded by her friends and family and getting pampered at the insanely gorgeous Hill ‘N Dale Bed and Breakfast in Kingsville, Ontario. The girls had their hair and makeup done as they sipped on mimosas, and once Catherine was dressed and ready to go, she took a few moments to enjoy a “first look” with her dad. He was as proud as he could be and he couldn’t hide it – his smile lit up the room as he wrapped his arms around his beautiful daughter that he was about to walk down the aisle.

The men spent the morning at Jack’s B&B and met the girls at the Hill N’ Dale for Catherine & James’s own first look and wedding party pictures. Hill N’ Dale has it all – ivy covering the outside of the B&B, brick full of character, a sprawling wooded area, and an art studio. Seriously, it’s the bomb-dot-com.

Lakeside Park made for a dreamy ceremony on the beach. James seemed to hold back a few tears as he watched Catherine walk toward him, about to become his wife. They exchanged their vows with confidence, choosing each other with absolute certainty. He dipped her as they took their first kiss as husband and wife and they walked back down the aisle together, surrounded by bubbles and the cheers and applause of those that love and support them.

They continued the celebration in the pavilion located just a few steps from the beach. Gold lanterns hung from the wooden beams across the ceiling and on the tables, lighting up the room. Guests wrote their well wishes in the couple’s guestbook for Catherine and James to look back on, and family and friends mingled around the sweet tables filled with treats. The speeches were honest, warm and spoke of their character and their love. A party ended the night and the dance floor was packed as the youngest guests stole the show with their impressive dance moves, grandma and grandpa slow danced to their song, and everyone celebrated Catherine & James day together.

Catherine & James, thank you for welcoming us into your lives. Being a part of your destination engagement session and wedding day were two days we’ll never forever. Your love for life, adventure, and each other was so evident. Congratulations on becoming husband and wife!

“You are my greatest adventure” – The Incredibles

Windsor Ontario Wedding Photographer Manifesto Photography Lakeside Park Pavilion

“Our experience with Josh and Arica was outstanding! From the engagement session to the wedding day they somehow made us feel less like clients and more like we’ve been friends for years. Their pleasant and respectful manner was so appreciated and noticed by not just us but by many of our guests. They are truly prepared for anything, with their big bag of essentials and quick thinking. Even when plans changed last minute, they made sure there was enough time to capture a moment very important to us. Our wedding was everything we ever dreamt of. And with Josh and Arica by our side they were able to capture every moment perfectly as the day unfolded. They say a photo is worth a thousand words and Manifesto absolutely justifies that. We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. Words can’t express how truly thankful we are!” – Catherine & James


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Winter Workshop Schedule, 2018 | Windsor, Ontario Photography Workshops

Windsor, Ontario Photography CourseA workshop for beginners wanting to get the absolute most out of their camera 

What you’ll leave with:

Confidence to shoot your camera in full manual

Understanding of camera theory

Fundamentals of shot composure

Tools to use your camera to its full potential

Direction of where to go next with your photography

Also includes: gear review, Q&A time, a workbook to take home, healthy snacks

Our Introduction to Photography & Using Manual Mode on your Mirrorless or DSLR Camera will be taught by lead photographer, Joshua Klassen. The class is $150 and will be held on February 17th, 2018 or March 10th, 2018 at The Manifesto Studio in Windsor, Ontario from 12 pm – 5 pm.

Photography and Editing Class in Windsor, ONtarioA workshop for photographers shooting in RAW and wanting to bring their images to the next level 

 Workshop Outline:

– Computer Setup

– Monitor Calibration

– File Organization

– Module overview of Lightroom

– Overview of our editing workflow

– Importing/Rendering

– Organizing, Culling, Filtering

– Editing and Editing styles

– Lightroom editing limitations

– Presets

– Exporting

Our Learn to Edit your Photos using Adobe Lightroom workshop will be taught by lead photographer, Joshua Klassen. The class is $300 and will take place at the Manifesto Studio from 10 am – 6 pm. Lunch will be provided.

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Carly & Steven | Rock Glen Conservation Area | Destination Engagement Photographers based in Windsor, Ontario

There are some life experiences that stick with you. Carly and Steven had been to Croatia earlier in the year and visited several epic waterfalls, the largest of which they sat by together, taking in the awe-inspiring beauty. If you know us, you know we love incorporating our clients’ favourite memories and interests into their sessions. Upon hearing about their Croatian adventures, we started looking for waterfall options nearby Windsor to do their engagement session. Rock Glen Conservation Area has beautiful fall foliage, bridges and trails, and of course a waterfall. It was an easy yes from us and Carly and Steven.

You can call it fate or luck, but Carly and Steven are continually amazed and grateful that they even met. Through a bunch of seemingly random circumstances, the stars aligned for them to work together despite many potential obstacles including an out of town job offer. Shortly after they started dating they knew without a doubt they wanted to marry each other. Steven wanted to plan something that was totally them and not too out of the ordinary, as to not throw her off track. After dinner one evening, they set off for a walk with a blanket in hand and spent the evening talking in a park. It was there that Steven got down on one knee and said ‘I love you, will you marry me?’.

Carly & Steven, thank you so much for trusting our vision and travelling with us to recreate some of your favourite memories. We’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and are looking forward to capturing the next big adventure, your wedding!

It is overwhelming, meeting you like magic and falling in love with you like a whirlwind. – Unknown


I’ve written this review about 4 times because I just can’t seem to put all positive things I want to say into words! We had such an incredible experience working with the Manifesto team for our engagement session. Josh helped us to feel relaxed during the shoot by keeping it fun and lighthearted while still giving us the direction we wanted. He certainly went above and beyond to get some really nice shots … which included climbing over rocks and branches!

While a nice pose and scenery are important, we chose Manifesto because we wanted a little bit more from our photographs. We wanted keepsakes to look back on together and with our family. To not only see a nice picture but to feel the emotions we were feeling at that time in our lives. I think you have a talent of being able to capture that and it shows in our photos.

We’ve received so many compliments on both our album and print. I think the engagement session gave us insight into what it was like to work with you and a professional photographer in general as neither of us really knew what to expect. You are all so professional, thoughtful and talented. We walked away from that experience feeling very confident in our choice and can’t wait to work with you again for the wedding! – Carly & Steven (more…)

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