Our photography approach is simple.

We want to get to know you, so that we can bring your heart, beliefs, and aspirations into each photo that we take.

We don't just want to take great photos, we want to tell a story. Your story!

Arica Klassen

I’m the wife of Joshua, founder, co-owner, and also one of the lead photographers here at Manifesto! My favourite things in life are date nights with Joshua, naps, and finding any excuse I can to hold our Beagle, Buddy like a oversize baby in my arms.

Most days you can find me eating a PB & J sandwich, dreaming up engagement session concepts, editing your photos to perfection, and answering emails at ungodly hours. I’m most famous on weddings days for making sure everything is just right, weeping like an idiot over parent dances, and doing an awkward happy dance (mostly just karate chopping motions) when I get that perfect shot. The things I am most passionate about in life are serving the world by advocating for refugee claimants (I am a volunteer with Matthew House Windsor), and making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with their Manifesto experience.

Kristle Snively

I’m a child and family photographer here at Manifesto. I’m an early childhood educator by trade and a photographer by passion, making child and family portraiture an easy fit!

By day you’ll find me planning your maternity, newborn, and family sessions, and editing images of moms snuggled up to their babes, while listening to my latest Spotify obsession. During sessions, you’ll find me shouting out silly things to get your kiddos to laugh, playing red light green light, and getting real smiles in record time. 

In my down time, you can find me listening to an audiobook, trying new recipes, hanging out with friends, or soaking in the summer on paddle board adventures and living on the beach. I’ve been known to sneak spoonfuls of peanut butter straight out of the jar, spend too much time in antique stores, and pin design ideas on Pinterest that I’ll never do.

I’m passionate about families, and my goal is to create images that will help you remember what these fleeting years, toothless laughs, and curled up snuggles feel like. I can’t wait to meet and tell your story!

Our Manifesto

You know that adorable dimple he gets when he laughs so hard his stomach hurts? The way you scrunch your nose when he kisses you on the forehead? Moments like those are the photographs we live for! They are the moments that immediately flood your mind with a thousand memories and give you butterflies all over again. Those are the photographs that become lifelong treasures.

We consider our photographic style to be lighthearted, personal, and genuine. Our goal is excellence throughout the entire process, making your photographic experience easy and fun. We don’t just want to take great photos, we want to tell a story. Your story!

Over the last 9 years, Manifesto Photography has captured the incredible memories from more than 200 weddings, and have been mentoring photographers and facilitating workshops since 2011. Our excitement for making our clients’ wedding day vision come to life and creating quality products to last generations is even greater than the day we started.

We primarily shoot between Windsor and the Greater Toronto area and are available to travel.